Covid 19 laser cut face shield

Can someone please confirm what the actual size of the file should be (full length so i can scale it). When i open the file in illustrator it seems to think it is 84" wide.

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Hello @topclass. DXF isn’t good at going “back” into a drawing program. I’ll see if I can get AI and SVG variants of the file posted up today.

Hello @topclass sorry for the delay. You can find all the files DXF, SVG, AI a Zip file here at this Dropbox link.

The files are either too big or not suitable for posting on the forum.

I’ve had tentative responses from a couple of contacts in health care, one a local practice manager, the other a nurse in a substantial hospital, PP arriving imminently to produce some samples for approval.

The following is concerning:

I can understand the need not to create panic.

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Staples have the PVC binder covers and do next day delivery.
Thanks for the files,
Stay safe



You were very helpful to us recently getting a new lens and mirror set for one of our lasers so we’d be more than happy to help. We’re signed up with a number of these PPE making groups right now and will help where able with our cutters based on whatever turns out to be best for getting this kit where it is needed! Please let me know where to start, email might be best?

All the best


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thank you @missvardy good to know.

@JCope I have emailed you (check your spam I sometimes land in the spam) but here is the very best place to ask questions. I’ve given you some private advice/information in the email that I wouldn’t share here, but other than that, here is best.

Thanks and good luck!

Thanks for the link, this stuff is getting hard to find!

I see that’s 230 micron – a smidge over the 100 to 200 recommended, is this likely to be an issue? What’s 30 microns…thickness of a hair?

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There is much talk like this. All of the hobbyist low volume made shields will be highly ad-hoc and variation will be wild, no medical practitioner has time to worry about it. Simple adage is this… shield good… no shield bad. That’s what I’ve been working too. The more shields of any type that can be made, the more chance we have of getting the right shields to the right places.

I’ve been liaising with the health service locally for days, and to be frank, they just don’t have time for the endless questions of a myriad number of home-based boffins. They’re too busy trying to stay well and help people… they want to put their hand back and grab some safety in the form of a fresh shield. They don’t want to write a design brief. In reality what they want are the OFFICIAL PPE in plentiful quantity.

I’ve been using 200 micron. But I’ve seen all sorts of thickness of material used. There isn’t a magical thickness that keeps people safer. The thicker stuff tends to bend less meaning that it can’t make a satisfying curved shape, so it sometimes needs an additional part cutting or printing to add to give the face shield some shape. That’s all we know and no one in the NHS has the time or the connections to give a clear answer.

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Thanks – I’ve ordered a couple of packs, and will report back

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@Dermot our local hospital contact was very keen we reach out to makers in London especially, good luck!

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Hopefully by Friday I will have enough materials to make 200+ of your design.

I am West London, so if you have a contact in need then that would be great as I was going to begin to look around once I knew I had the capability.

Have made a couple as prototypes and it works brilliantly - just waiting for some more acetate (A3 seems the best way to go on Amazon and then Guillotine) (wearing gloves ovbs)

If you have a contact in need then please let me know and I will contact when I know I can deliver.

James - London W4

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Look around on social media for local trusts and hospitals and GP groups and such. I’ve no specific contacts outside of Nottingham. Thank you @jameshs and good luck.

Some new files to share:

Face Shields Optimised for laser cutters of around 500mm x 300mm
[500x300] Covid 19 Facemask - V0.5.dxf (499.7 KB)
Face Shields Optimised for A2 cutters around 600mm x 400mm
[600x400] Covid 19 Facemask - V0.5.dxf (591.3 KB)

Hi. Does anyone have a template for the acetate sheet in a DXF format, i have a JIG setup on our laser cutter for A4 sheets already (previous project) and a very powerful extractor system so its safe to cut multiple sheets in one go with the curved corners and punched holes.

Any chance that all files released can be in SVG, PDF and AI format?

I see that the original ones have been converted, but could the optimised ones be converted too please.

It was a somewhat big hassle for me and possibly others converting and then double checking a conversion from dxf. I’ve not found a way to do it reliably and well.

Hi. Does anyone have a template for the acetate sheet in a DXF format, i have a JIG setup on our laser cutter for A4 sheets already (previous project) and a very powerful extractor system so its safe to cut multiple sheets in one go with the curved corners and punched holes.

From my limited understanding, cutting acetate sheet in a laster cutter doesn’t work well. Nottinghacks website says not to. It releases gross soot which can damage your cutter. Someone with more knowledge will be able to clarify better.

If you are using PVC sheets, my understanding is that they can release chlorine gas, which is poisonous and corrosive.

These are the reasons why they are suggesting using a hole punch.

I am wondering whether it is possible to drill 6mm holes in the right position through an unopened pack of shields. I havent tried that yet though.

yeah, we had our venting checked and tested by Zuric and they ok’d it for acetate and all ther perspex type materials. We have three industrial blowers and an external vent system on a very very powerful cutter and it should cut through 10-30 sheets at a time in a few seconds.

a jig to drill through a whole packs not a bad idea, got a pillar drill in the workshop that would do it with ease… might try that one IF i can find the acetate.


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