X Axis Jumping whilst cutting


I have a just shark laser in fact luckily 2. Dominic fit a belt after I caught it and have since fitted a new one work for a while then got loose. I retightened it but now it jump on x axi cut not all the time about once per sheet of wood, When it does it it seems to be slipping but the belt along the x asix is tight and I have cleaned all the teetch on the cogs open to ideas please as I cant use it at moment. The belt must be correct as dominic sold me me so can rule out the actual belt

Any help appreciated thanks


I have tightened the belts and reinstalled all the software and drivers but still jumping on x and y axis on some files any one know if stepper motor or more driver are available it a just add shark machine with Leetro MPC6535/MPC6525/MPC6565/CO2 Laser Machine Green USB Dongle KEY/Softdog


Is there a specific place that it jumps? Don’t assume the belt is correct because I sold it to you. Put the old belt side by side with the new belt and check the teeth one beside the other.

Is the belt on straight? Check the idler pulley at one end and see if the belt moves about on the idler, check the belt at the drive end for the same.

Is the belt evenly tensioned? Is there a problem on the rail and the rail carriage is there a sticky area. Does the same “jumping” occur when you run the machine slower or in a different spot?

You need to logically work through the problem eliminating causes logically, not simply jumping to a conclusion like “change the belt” or “tighten the belt”. Run test cuts and watch them to see when it happens and if there is a pattern. Run the machine with the lid up (i.e. not cutting) to see what happens and why/where and how the belt is and rail and head are behaving. Are you certain the issue is on the X? How are you sure?

Good luck.


Thank dominic it seem to be only on certain designs and is same place the belt is the same as look the same it jumping about 1inch I have realigned and put the belt on several time and seem to be same place byt Im going to butt that one up for sale as just bought a metal laser tube machine and don’t have the pce but may store it and look into it so thanks for advise


Okay good luck John!