Windows XP installation problems

Hello everyone,

I am in complete and utter despair trying to get my Blacknose up and running again. I had it working for two years on Windows 10 (after crippling the OS to stop if trying to update anything cos one day an update broke it) but the laptop now won’t start so I got hold of an old desktop machine with a fresh install on Windows XP SP3.

I’m following the instructions here:

and have downloaded the files and run the Setup program, which seemed to install things as it said “Installing USB Dongle…” etc., but Lasercut cannot communicate with the Blacknose.

I open Device Manager and see that the EZ-USB-FX2 has a question mark next to it. According to the guide this implies that the dongle driver isn’t setup properly BUT this seems odd because I do see the Senselock Elite-e v2.x driver show up under Smart Card Readers but I don’t see the LT Slave USB (lasercutter) driver show up under Universal Serial Bus controllers. In addition when I turn the Blacknose off and on the New Hardware Wizard pops up complaining about the EZ-USB-FX2 device again.

I’ve tried Reinstalling the driver through Device Manager and the instructions imply I just need to point it at the Software folder and Windows will find it - however this just does not happen and Windows won’t let me select a folder unless it contains a Driver Information File (.inf). So I point it at the .inf file in the winxp86 subfolder of the Dongle Driver folder but Windows then just says this isn’t the correct file.

I tried using the installation program in the Dongle Driver folder but this didn’t change anything.

I did also try using the installation program in the Laser Cutter Driver folder and this claimed to install it but nothing actually shows up in Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers.

I’ve checked and re-checked the USB ports to make sure they’re working.

So now I’ve run out of things to try. Is anyone able to help me please at all? Thanks, Luke + Willow.

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I’ve just solved my own problem. The doc’n is a bit misleading as it was the Laser Cutter Driver that wasn’t installed, and the solution is to was run the installation program in the “Laster Cutter Driver” folder and then note where it installs the files (in my case, C:\Program Files\LTUSB) and then in Device Manager try to manually install the file and point to the installation media folder to C:\Program Files\LTUSB\Drv\68013 and then it does find the driver and installs it.

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Thanks for this @luke I will review this.