Windows 10 and laser cut


My old pc broke so install a new pc but has windows 10

Laser cut uploads and works but no communication between pc and laser cutter I know just shark has a page on how to sort the issue (drivers) can any one help please


That happened to me, so I switched to transferring files by USB drive.

Put the USB in your laptop, hit “download”. You get an error message about communications, hit ok and a new box pops up to send the file where you want (choose your USB…)

Plug your USB into the laser, and the control panel should automatically show a menu to select the file to download (if there’s only one file, it will download without asking).

Just remember not to use folders in the USB drive, as there is no way to open them on the laser’s control panel.


sorted many thanks for the usb and dominic for the windows 10 issues solution


Don’t forget that you can download the Lasercut 5.3 software that works with the Leetro 6525A mainboard from here:

Dropbox Link to Software Folder

This specific link is setup for Just Add Sharks versions of the Jinan G Weike laser cutters. Create a new thread here for further help or email



Actually picked up a laptop hp on ebay "80 on window 7 easiest solution but window 10 advice work and will use that machine as back up thanks