Total Power failure

I have a LS3020 that’s run reliably for many years, however yesterday midway through a job it just completely powered down. My initial thought was that the PSU had blown, however I’ve just replaced it and still nothing at all and I’m at a bit of an impasse as to what to look at next. Nothing at all is switching on, (including the water pump/extractor that are hooked up to the back of the machine) I’ve tried the power lead in another device and it’s definitely not that. It’s as if no power at all is getting to the machine.
Any suggestions on what to look at/try next?

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Hello @CamG

Being aware that you’ve already resolved this one (in emails) I did want to add the following:

Most larger laser cutters will have an RCD type trip switch which can trip when there is an electrical problem, surge or short.

In addition most cutters will also have a fused IEC socket that looks a bit like this:

with (usually) a glass type fuse of about 10amps in the little draw part below the socket. With the power cable removed, this draw section can be eased out with a flat headed screw driver. Sometimes these fused IEC include a spare fuse!

It was only after I’d emailed you back that I remembered that the LS3020 contains a combination High Voltage and DC PSU that powers everything inside these smaller hobby sized machines.

Often they have their own fuse (see this reddit post image )

Which can be replaced. Again, caution these PSU provide a high voltage and are connected to mains power.

thanks again so much for your help, it was indeed the fuse in the IEC socket that was blowing as a result of a short in my water pump. Pump has been replaced and i’m now back up and running.
I believe that mine actually does have a separate PSU that powers the controller etc, the large PSU is only hooked up to the laser, this probably should have twigged me that the issue was elsewhere!

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