Stepper calibration after new controller

Still struggling, any advice would be much appreciated.

New x stepper drive fitted and cannot eliminate this circa 2mm offset in single direction and dual offset when engraving in bi-direction. Square is a vector cut and horizontal are engraved.

all lenses are secure, spot on vertical beam down the spout, repetion is spot on, size and pulses seem right.

Hpc Laser

cut sample onto slate for best clarity.

thanks in advance, Den not firing? Chiller not working? Software problems? You’ve come to the right place


Did you replace like-for-like on the stepper drivers? Is so did you check and note the dip switch settings on the old one you are removing? There should be a table on the driver with what the switch positions mean. Set the corresponding settings on the new driver.

If not that double check your wiring.

If not that, then I think there are some settings to mess about with, I’ll have a look as soon as I can at a similar setup and refresh myself on what to and where to look.

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Hi, the new controller was an upgrade from the original DM442 so the engineer set up the new dip switches as a significantly different unit. Will take some pictures tonight. Thanks.

image tried every configuration with the stepper drive and multiple different inputs in the machine interface such as offset and backlash but cannot get rid of the bi directional overlap.

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When you say “upgraded” why not replace the stepper with like for like to a DM442? This would seem to have been the cause of the issue so doesn’t seem like an improvement.

For me, I’d want to be sure that the switch setup for the new stepper driver was providing you with the right power/frequency for the stepper motor, as this is the ONLY factor (as far as you’ve told me) that has changed, I’d squarely put the issue here.

If this was a Ruida system, there is a fine adjustment to compensate for this, but I am not aware of anything like that on Leetro… I’ve been looking around on forums and I’m not seeing it (as no doubt you have too).

What was the motivation for changing the stepper driver in the first place?

I’m stumped to suggest anything else I’m sorry to say @Scratchanddrag

Sorted I think, had to adjust backlash in engrave on every speed and then the offset on the x matrix to line up raster with vector. Thanks for helping.

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Runs great at 100mms, but issue creeps back with speed so also going to change the toothed belt as it looks a bit tired.


That’s great news, and thank you so much @Scratchanddrag for sharing the fix, that means a lot.