Signal to tell extractor to run

We have a new extractor that doesn’t automatically turn on when powered, but does accept a signal input to turn on. I’m looking for a signal out from an A3 Blacknose that will let the extractor know when it is powered. Is there a better option than the red dot guide laser?

Sorry for the late answer.

This is the hardware manual for the MPC6515 which is the Leetro controller card inside the Blacknose laser cutter that you have. On page 8 & 9 there is a diagram and table which shows the pin out for the controller. Pin Y1 is capable of controlling a signal to “the blower” and can be switch on and off with “blow/don’t blow” on the layer menu. From the manual (kindly posted online by Rabbit USA) you might be able to determine another always on output that works better for your needs.

Good luck.


Thanks Dominic.
Also handy manual generally…