Seek failed on c

Hi All
I draw up a path in inkscape and save as a DXF.
Lately when I try and Import in LC5.3 I get the error message:

Seek failed on c\users\andy_\desktop\drawing.dxf

This happens randomly, sometimes the file opens - sometimes not.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue is? I’m considering fixing it with a sledgehammer!


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Sometimes I think that Lasercut has difficulty creating the “preview” when you click on a file to open it. When you save a DXF in inkscape there are a number of options to choose for the “flavour” of inkscape to save as, I think that in newer version of Inkscape that this is a setting (it used to be a pop up on saving)
It looks something like the above (depending on your version - please don’t use the above settings as a guide I just found this jpg online).

Also make sure you’ve run the compatibility wizard on LaserCut5.3 software so that windows knows to run it as a Windows 7 program.