Project parts missing from 2D design export


We are having a problem where parts of the project are missing when exported from 2D design into Lasercut 5.3. Most of the project is there but whole sections can be missing.


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Are you able to provide a link to the file? Are you using DXF? What settings are you using to export. Is the missing part of your 2D Design drawing definitely a vector/path, drawn in an RGB colour that lasercut recognises? If you are using colours on your 2D Design, what happens if you change the missing part into a colour that matches the non-missing parts.

More info needed really.

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Are the missing bits image files?
If so have you ‘vectorised’ them?

Let us know what your solution is!

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Thanks for your reply.

I have spoken to the DT teacher to double check all these. Yes we are using DXF, Yes they are using RGB colour for some parts but it has not made a difference changing the colour as some of the missing parts are already the same colour as parts it has cut.

The DT teacher has been using a different computer suite today and not had the issue when using the same file so it seems to be something isolated to the computers he has been using before. I am going to try rebuilding the suite and see if it happens again.


thanks @jbayliss, when you’ve worked it out, do let us know as it’ll help the next person with this query!

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When you say suite, do you mean different software or still 2d-design?