Lightburn conversion

Hello I saved a file as a dxf from auto cad 2016 to open in Lightburn. Whether I opened it or imported it, it came in at completely the wrong scale, which is useless. Is there some way of avoiding this happening which would be the best solution or is there a way of converting it when in Lightburn to the correct scale without corrupting any part of the dwg. Thanks in advance.

There are a number of likely problems. You’re possibly not creating or saving your dxf in the correct units or LightBurn isn’t setup to interpret your units, or you’re using something like inches and have LightBurn set to mm or similar.
I’d encourage you to look on the LightBurn forum for this sort of query.

The above entry there seems relevant.

Thanks much appreciated. Away for a few days now so will look into this when back. I’ve asked the same question on the Lightburn forum but no answer yet. Thanks again.

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I don’t see it on there or in the moderation queue either.

However, did you read through the link I sent you, as I believe that to be the answer.

Unfortunately away until Saturday but will check as soon as I’m back.