Lasercutter suddenly low power


i saw your wonderful Article about adjusting the mirrors and the tube of an Lasercutter here:

I searched for reasons in the Internet, because my Lasercutter has no power anymore. I can´t cut anything. Only Paper works a little bit.

At this time sorry for my bad english. I hope you can understand me.

My Problem is, as i wrote already, low power on the beam. He works, but only with low power.

I checked if the mirrors are set up not correctly an think, that they are definetely correct adjusted. Even the bed seems to be correct. On every Point of the bed the laser has the same focus point and on every position the laser works.

As i checked the output beam of the tube directly at the out i think i found the problem. Please look for the result at the attached picture “very short pulse tube out.jpg”.

It seems that the tube delivers not one beam in the centre. There seem to be mutiple beams.

Then i checked the entrance of the laser head. I think the multiple beams hit all the mirror, but not as one beam. So the lense can not focus it on one Point?

See the attached photo “head.jpg” Sorry i could not upload because I´m a new user.

Is it correct, that my tube is broken? Or what can i do? Maybe moving the tube a little closer to the first mirror?

Best regards

Hello @Kaukasus

First a few questions:
How old is the CO2 tube?
Are the mirrors and the lens clean?
Is the lens damaged?
Have you set the correct focal height of your lens?

A tube at the end of its life will start a cut strongly and then quickly fade in power. The image you are showing could indicate very low tube strength.

Remember - the laser beam is a circle, so the image you are showing is consistent with the shape I would expect BEFORE the focus lens.

Is the machine very well aligned? You will need to ensure a consistent beam path at all points within the cutting area of the laser cutter. Additionally you may need to ensure that the beam is exactly vertical in it’s travel from the last (3rd) mirror down through the lens and out of the nozzle below your lens.

Would a video help you?