Lasercut software 5.3 Offset Path changing back to straight lines


I have a specific problem wonder if you could help.

I use adobe illustrator to make my vector based drawings. Within Illustrator you have a option to creat ea offset path which basically means you can replicate the outline and your main shape and use it to create say for instance stitching holes. However when I save this out and then import into laser cut software it reverts back to a line when I want to laser cut out my shape.

Is this a problem whittle software or is there any other thing else I need to do.



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Can you upload a screen shot of the ilustrator image and then a screen shot of the image on the laser cut software. And possibly an image of the settings you’ve used to cut it out. I’m sure I can help I have lots of experience using illustrator to convert artwork to lasercut software

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I agree with @Alexdubarrygurr, some screen shots would be helpful.

sorted it out thnak you

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sorted it out thank you

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