Lasercut 5.3 closes when clicking import or open

I installed lasercut 5.3 on to my laptop running XP.
If I draw a simple test square on the software the laser machine will cut or engrave no problem.
I use 2D Design to create DXF files.
When ever I click on import or open in Lasercut 5.3 the software closes down.
Im hoping this is a simple fix.
Any help would be gratefully received.

Ensure that you are working in mm and not some other unit like pixels or point on your dxf creating program.

If you are working in pixels or point rather than mm your file will be very large and this could be causing your lasercut 5.3 to crash.

If in 2D design you are able to choose the type of DXF you create choose Autocad R14.

Hope this helps. What is your machine by the way?

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