Laser pointer connector

I have a laser script 6090 and need to replace this connector as one of the contacts has come loose, it works but you can wiggle it loose.

I’ve recently run new cable from the transformer to the top as it’s had split, I’d already repaired one bit so didn’t want to do another repair so wouldn’t like to do a proper job of it fully.

Hopefully the pic will upload. image

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Hello @tom.h it’s a simple 2 pin JST connector. You’ll likely need to be handy with pliers or have the special crimping tool to fit it.

You can get something similar at RS but you’ll find lots of options online. PRODUCT at RS

…I should mention you can also get them pre-wired for soldering.


Awesome, thanks Smokey I’ll need to attach the wire as I’ve run it all the way through the machine to the laser head, currently terminated in a chocolate block but want to get the connector to do it properly.

Shall get myself some ordered, thanks again.

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