Laser head hitting side

Sorry have another quick question and HPC are shut now for Christmas. Hopefully somebody can shed some light.

If I move the laser head on our 6090 fully to the top left and datum it goes back fine. If I move it fully to the bottom right of the work area and datum is moves over to the right (off the workable bed) makes a horrid noise before then stopping back at the top albeit too far to the right still. Any ideas?

If not then I may just book the service in ahead of schedule.

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Hello @tom.h does your machine auto datum at start up? On most (but not all) HPC machines and usually on the 6090 it datums to the top right corner.

When it does this, the moving head of the machine (the bit where you’ve been fiddling with the red dot) needs to touch onto or push 2x micro switches or sometimes proximity sensors these are the limiters, telling your controller where the head and gantry of the machine is. First find these check that these work and something meets/pushes then at the time of datum.

From what you are saying, it sounds a bit like the the X axis limiter (the one on the right side of the gantry) isn’t being connected with properly or working properly. As I know that you’ve been fiddling about with the red dot, is it possible the red dot or it’s wiring is preventing the head reaching the far right side of the bed?

If it is not a mechanical issue, it might be a software/settings problem, but this is unlikely if you’ve not uninstalled/changed/or fiddled with the software (usually lasercut5.3 or laserscript on a HPC).

Hope this helps.

Hi Smokey,

It datums to the top right corner fine from from the far left or even if it’s across to the left and down slightly, if it’s in the bottom right and I press datum, that’s when it moves off limit to the right. The switch seems to stop if if I manually move it to the far right (with the keypad) just goes past it when pressing datum when it’s in the bottom right corner.

It’s an odd one, the machine is working fine apart from that though.

As I say, I’ll perhaps even see about getting HPC out in the new year. The tube is 4 years old now so is probably due to be replaced - we bought the machine second hand. May even see about a new set of optics, plus the Bed down button can be intermittent!

I’d also be happy to quote, if you’d like. These are the sorts of repairs Smoke & Mirrors offers. Email me at including your postcode and I can send you a quotation.

Have a great Christmas.

Hi Tom,

Quick way to check is to locate the microswitches Smokey mentioned.

Start the laserhead moving towards the switch and manually push it (the microswitch) before it gets there. If it stops, switch is good.
If not either switch is knackered or cable break.
Get Smokey to sort it for you.

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