Laser Cutting 20% undersize


I am still quite new to this - so

My Laser cutter is the 90x60cm bed size - just by sharks

1 - I install Lasercut software 5.3 on my windows 10 PC

2 - I followed the instructions as per this link - Installing Lasercut 5.3 Windows XP / VISTA / 7 – smokeandmirrors

3 - PLEASE NOTE I use the dongle and the software seems to be working.

4 - However when drawing for example a square at 40cmx40cm size…when it comes to the laser cutting this out for some reason it is about a third small in size?

I am at a loss why this is happening and i dont know what to check first.

I can only assume that the software drivers are ot correctly installed but i dont know how to check this.

Please can you help.



You have tried different software for the cutting file I assume?

stab in dark, is there a scaling preset that you / windows may have changed in one part of the software chain?

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Hey @jasondude I know you got sorted, but you need to follow this guide.