Laser Cut 5.3 Engraving

I have a CO2 laser GS 9060 90W tube. I have a problem with engraving. As if the tube could not give an impulse.
Cutting is generally fine. The settings may be wrong.
Can anyone show me your settings?
Thank you

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You need to ensure that your power settings aren’t so low as to be below the lower limit of your tube.

CO2 laser tubes operate between about 12% and 65% power when new. As they age, you may find that the lower limit increases as the tubes ability to produce a usable beam degenerates.

It may also be that your machine is badly aligned, meaning that power is being lost somewhere, which hasn’t noticeable impacted the ability to cut but has impacted lower power pulsing for engraving.

What power settings are you using? Do you have any photos of the output?

here is my setup

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those are your feed speeds not your power settings.

Hello @Lukashom again these are not the settings that will help. They are nothing to do with the machine options. They’re the settings you use when you are setting speed and power for your cut or engraving and would be on the right side of the screen.