Jog controls no longer work correctly

Hi all,

Hopefully some kind soul can help me out. Our Blacknose A3 cutter (from Just Add Sharks) has developed a problem. After someone clicked download CFG by mistake in Laser Cut 5.3, the jog controls on the cutter no longer function correctly. holding down the button only makes it move once, instead of repeatedly. Additionally, the cutter is now bumping into the edges of the frame when controlled by hand, rather than soft-stopping as it should do.

Clearly the config has been altered, but my question is how do I restore it? (we don’t have a backup of the config it seems)

Hello James @DollarStarNova

You can download the original software here

downloaded here

You should consider uninstalling the version of Lasercut5.3 you currently have. If I recall you have a Blacknose A3 cutter, this is the default install version when you reinstall the software. You can find help installing the software here:

My main concern is that doing this (Download CFG) should return your cutter to the correct settings, not mess them up.

You can adjust the jog units via the control panel (the PAD03 LCD controller) on the laser itself in the settings also.

Let us know how you get on.

For future reference we finally resolved it by setting the jog distance to 0.

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