Morning all.

Weve bought another HPC machine this time a 1060 with e MPC6565 and I cant seem to get my laptop to talk to it…

When I press download on Lasercut I get the pop up window but and then I press download current it goes through the motor but then when I press download CFG I get a long beeeeep on my cutter and it says DLL VERSION DOES NOT MATCH FIRMWARE ERROR on the keypad…

Has anyone had this before or can anyone help please.

When I start the machine up it says V4.2.1 if that helps

Thanks in advance


Hello HPC1290

The first thing I notice is you’ve posted with the user name HPC1290 and you’re asking about a HPC1060, if you try and use the software for a 1290 in a 1060 you may have a bad time.

The first port of call should be HPC. You can email them and even call them


They’ll be able to provide you with the exactly correct version of Lasercut 5.3 and it’s setting file for your controller setup and machine. Using software “found” somewhere else isn’t ideal as the firmware versions can differ.

I’ve seen controllers of this type totally bricked with the error though, just as a warning.

Once you have the correct software version installed you should be able to connect to the controller via USB. In the software find the DOWNLOAD button and a pop-up should appear. On that pop-up is a button marked DOWNLOAD Cfg, this will marry up the files from your software setup with your controller (hopefully).