Help with X Axis issues please?

Hi All,
Being in almost lockdown soon (GB) I decided to get my old Redsail laser ( using LaserCut 5.3) up and running but its giving me some problems that I hope someone can help me with before I have to part with hundreds of pounds calling out the supplier. In short here is a brief summary of whats happening…

  1. After testing the engraving profile the machine starts engraving as expected.
  2. X axis slows down.
  3. Y axis stays at normal speed.
  4. Laser continues to engrave but seems the X axis has stepped to the left and the file is narrowed so the engraving is squashed.
  5. Power seems to increase but this could just be the narrowing of the file.
  6. Stopping the machine and testing the X and Y travel, the Y axis will move at normal speed and to full length of the bed. However the X axis moves very slowly and will on travel half of the bed.
    Any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you in advance and stay safe.

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Can you send a photo? Maybe a screenshot of the file in Lasercut5.3 please Dave?

It sounds a lot like the laser thinks its smaller than it is or that it thinks it has different stepper motors to what it does. Was there a change in the software? If you have the original software that came with the machine I might suggest reinstalling it. Also I’d recommend updating the CONFIG file on the machine itself (once you are 100% sure you have a fresh and correct version of the software installed). You do this by connecting via USB, clicking on DOWNLOAD then finding DOWNLOAD CFG button. Click it, you should hear a beep, then test.


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