Greyed out areas on lasercut

Hi guys.

I’m having trouble with my Leetro control panel so I’m not using my software to control the movement of my laser head whilst I’m going through a alignment.

The problem I’m having is that I can’t change the laser power as it is greyed out on the software.

Would anyone know how to change this please as it isn’t greyed outimage

Hiya HPC

have you tried uploading a dummy file to see if you can then access the laser power?

Maybe with no file uploaded it won’t let you?

just a thought!

Thanks Phil, I will give it a try

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This box (I think, I’m not 100% sure as I no longer have a handy Lasercut5.3 setup to check) is showing you a repeat of what may be set at the controller. On Leetro MPC6515 controller, you can set power independently on the control panel itself as a percentage.

As @phillw say, try drawing a line or something and setting its power in the menu above this one (which isn’t showing in your screenshot). Obviously you should also check the power setting on your control panel on the cutter itself.

Hello @HPC1290 :wink:

I had a chance to have a look at the Lasercut 5.3 setup on a HPC LS4060 and it was a good reminder. The value shown on your screen shot is the default and it is always greyed out (as far as I can tell) and would likely be something you can change in the settings or the config file. It shows the value of the percentage the laser will fire when you click the “laser” button. Clicking the laser button toggles the laser ON… i.e. fires the laser forever until the button is clicked again, a very stupid feature of the lasercut software, a remote way to set your cutter on fire or loose an eye.

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Wow… the stupid force must have been strong in the design office that day!!

On forever… what were they thinking of?

It is uncertain and without a voice from Leetro (which I doubt you’ll ever find or hear) we can never know the intentions of the creator. I feel that the main use case for Leetro Lasercut5.3 and the controller is 1 computer for many machines, hence the settings at the machine itself. If anything I think Lasercut is intended to stand alone with files moving to it primarily by USB stick. It is with the USB stick that you diagnose or update the firmware (or fry the firmware as is more often the case). I suspect the PC controls are for diagnostics and machine setup.

Whilst Lasercut has done great service, I don’t use Leetro anymore for lots of reasons.

As an interesting addition to this case, I did notice some greyed out areas on a setup of Lasercut5.3 which would not allow me to change the size of an object using the resize function. I closed and re-opened the software and could not recreate the issue. Has anyone else noticed this?