Green soft dog USB

Hi guys.

Does anyone have a spare soft dog that I could buy off them?

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Hello @HPC1290

I have them in stock.



Would you also happen to have a spare lens nut/screw. The bit that holds the lens into the tube where the nozzle is at the bottom. If that makes sense.

I can try and find one. They’re not all the same size so can you let me know the size? What machine do you run? Is it for the HPC1290 or is that just a red herring?

It’s not an item you can generally find separately easily, usually it comes with along with the nozzle the lens tube, sometimes that isn’t available either and you have to get the entire head assembly, which is usually included with a laser cutter (i.e. its not a universal spare).

No it’s for this one that I’ve just bought. It’s one of your just add sharks models.

Oh, where’d you get that? That’s a Just Add Sharks Whitetooth A1 laser cutter and yes I can probably find a retaining washer for it. If you order the dongle I’ll chuck it in FOC.

A white tooth :slight_smile: I bought it from a guy down south a few months ago but I’m only just getting round to sorting it out

Did you manage to find one?

Yes. I’m waiting on your order online.

Ah sorry I was waiting to see if you had the ring nut thing in stock too…

Will that dongle come with the correct settings for this machine or can you send them to me please?

Also do you have number I can call you on as I’ve tried to call your number online and it said you are busy making masks so can’t answer.

That’s because I’m busy making masks and can’t answer. The dongle will work with that machine it has no settings. You need to install the driver of course. Frankly you should be able to use the dongle you use for the HPC1290 if you still have it.

If you place the order in the next 2 hours it will go into the post today if not you’ll not get it till after the weekend.

just occurred to me you might not have the software you need. the dongle is the same for HPC and JAS but the software is slightly different. all the answers are here.

Just placed the order so if you could get it out today that would be great!

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