Free software for classes?


I currently teach D&T in a UK school, but withno access to any kind of CNC.

I’ve been half promised a laser cutter for “the future”, but I foresee the twin issues of budget and IT support being based off-site.

At home, I use Inkscape to create files for my cutter driven with Lasercut5.3, and would like to do similar at school.

Does anybody else use free software to run their school laser?


Looking for anything with a shallow learning curve that won’t get in the way of kids’ creativity.

You can use Tinkercad online which is pretty good for kids. Its based around 3D design, but can export a flat file for lasercutting (SVG I think). You have to just think about what is touching the plane surface is going to appear as a path in your svg. There are some good tutorials on Instructables for using Tinkercad with lasercutting, there was one where a guy was making badges for his car.

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