Etching ripstop

This was a process experiment that worked far better than it had any right to.

Two colours of ripstop nylon laminated together with hotmelt glue film, then etched with the laser to let the bottom colour show through.

Doesn’t’ quite remove the top layer perfectly, but probably could be tweaked to do so. Might even lend itself to halftoning.


That is very cool - I’m also interested in how you did the glue film?

The glue film is this:

It comes on a paper backing. I just iron it onto one bit of fabric, take off the backing, and iron it onto the other bit of fabric.

It helps to do this on a slightly soft surface, I use a bit of thick felt. And, because the iron is bound to get gluey, I use a £4 Wilko iron that’s just for glue experiments, not the iron that we use on clothes.


I was expecting some complex melting-and-pouring process. I didn’t think there would be an actual product!

:slight_smile: Sorry to disappoint you.

This glue film is, I think, actually manufactured for the garment industry. There’s a whole world of hot-melt glue films and tapes used in the construction of modern clothes. Haven’t found a good retail source yet.

What’s your interest ? Would it be too obvious to suppose it might be kites ?

Just generally interested - always got an eye out for new stuff to try, or to point my students at.