Engraving setup

Hello please can you help i am trying to engrave letters and i dont seem to manage it using adobe illustrator and importing into lasercut software 5.3. vector lines etc and can do but i really struggle as to what to do when i create letters in illustrator and want to engrave letters using lasercut software please can you help.

thank you

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Hi Jason.

This is my process for doing the same from illustrator to lasercut.

After writing your text RIGHT CLICK and select create outlines, then if your text is overlapping anywhere go to the pathfinder tool section and click the top left icon to weld your text together.

Make sure it is in all black then click export. In the export version pick the very top one, I think it is R12/13 but I’m not at my desk so can’t see it to check and the save the file.

Open lasercut click import and that should be it.

Let me know if that works for you or if you get stuck.

Good times!

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