Engraving laser

I have tried to line the laser mirrors for 50w co2 laser engraver cutting machine 300x500mm and no matter how many time I gonna try to line the mirrors it just doesn’t work as it should.

I also use the laser alignment guide but it’s still a problem :expressionless:

Also when I tried to engrave a line it doesn’t have any problems but when I’m trying to engrave a picture it has a problem.

I tried the same pic on different laser it works perfectly fine so it’s not a picture.

I will add some pictures I hope it will help

Uploading: 02027DB5-6987-431F-86C9-36E90E379F76.jpeg…

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Please show an engraving of a simple square in all four corner of the bed.

Thanks for posting on the forum. I’ve asked you to do a test with simple squares, one in each corner of the bed.

I suspect the problem is with your machines alignment, however if we assume your problem isn’t with the machine, i.e. the alignment you could consider the software settings, this post from Thunderlaser might help.


However if everything in the software is (really) the same as on your other machines, there maybe an issue with how one controller is setup over another. However at this point with the info you’ve given, I still suspect a mechanical problem, either with your alignment/mirrors, lens, tube or the high voltage electrics. To resolve this issue, unless we have a lucky guess, you’re going to need to provide A LOT more information.

From a screen shot you sent in an email I can see that you are using RUIDA and RDWORKS.

I have place picture link for you https://i.imgur.com/IUQDTzw.jpg
I also tried to replace lenses even three laser tubes it didn’t made any difference.

It’s possible that the machine has a some visible defect but that is just my personal opinion

Then it is not a tube problem unless you are consistently fitting them wrongly.

The image you sent doesn’t look like a scan, what happened when you scan an entire square in all four corners of your machine?

Did you check the link I posted earlier?

What does the manufacturer/supplier say? If the defect is visible then you should be able to find it.

Changing lenses and mirrors will prove nothing if the fault is either your alignment (most likely) or software.