Damaged cable to stepper motor

I have damaged a cable in my K40 - which is marked as “awm 20624 cable 80c 60v vw-1” - it is 1.2 metres long and has 12 pins.

Any ideas where I might get a replacement or a connector to join it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi mate, If you google the cable ID you mentioned you should find a solution.

Its a ribbon cable, so fairly standard.
Amazon seems to be littered with them (I wouldn’t use amazon personally, tax avoiders!! :slight_smile:)
A 12 strand ribbon cable should be fairly straightforward. I can find a 150mm one on ebay.
The AWM 20624 is just the cable style
80C is its temperature rating
60V is the working voltage
vw1 is its flame test rating.

I think as long as you get 60V and at least 80C, any old ribbon cable should do you.
Struggling to find a cable at 120cm length though.
You may end up having to buy a length of cable and attach your own pins.
Can you upload a photo of the ends?


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Hi Phil,

I did try and respond yesterday, buy for some reason it bounced back?

Here are 2 photos of the cable - both ends are the same - with the blue strip on the opposite side to the writing.

Hope you can see them.



PS. It would only let me send 1 photo

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Hi again,
Right, 12 pin cable seems to be a bugger to find.
15 pin cable is standard for a Raspberry Pi camera unit and much easier to source:

If 100cm will do the job get that, if it needs to be 120cm, you will need to get the 200cm and work out how to stow the spare 80cm somehow!!

You convert it to 12 pin you will need to cut, with uber sharp scissors or a craft knife, away 3 pins, far enough back to fit into the connector slot.
Make sure it looks like your original: image
You can leave the rest of the 3 strands along the length alone.

Hope this helps!


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