Buying a laser cutter - what and where?

Hi folks,

I’ve used other folks’ laser cutters (a couple (new users can only add 2 images apparently) of my designs in the pics) in a fablab (Epilog) and a small workshop (unbranded) but having moved up to Arran off the West of Scotland am looking to start a little makerspace on the island

I’ve dealt with the 3D printers etc. so need a laser to add to the mix. Having had a bit of a chat with Mr. Smoke and Mirrors last September I’m now ready to place an order but bemused as to which cutter to get and where to order from

I’d been thinking big benchtop as my workshop is on a mezzanine floor but other than that am at a loss

Any advice?

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I mean, obviously I’d like you to buy a cutter from me, but you’d need to arrange the collection and I’m not going to Aran for servicing.

If you’ve seen something you like online, post a link and I’d be happy to let you know the pros and cons.

Mr Smoke.

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Ideally I’d have liked to buy from you as you’ve been really helpful and informative (& the wee workmen on your instagram pictures are always entertaining which is a bonus) but I think your freestanding models are a bit too large for me

The two desktop models (with cooling I’ve been comparing are

  • HPC 3040
  • Mantech Lasertech Desktop
  • Aeon Mira 7

Hopefully will be able to still use you for spares even if you don’t fancy the odd trip over the water

I will be stocking a new desktop sized system in the next few months.

I don’t recommend any of the above listed systems, though I’d probably go for the Mira 7 though I’ve had issues with the cooling systems and some of the hardware is difficult to reach for repairs.

The smaller ManTech machine is still pretty big. Takes up as much space as my smallest cutter. I don’t list all the cutters I sell. I will email you some info.

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Thanks, much appreciated.

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