Bubbles issues on new tube

I changed the tube on my machine on friday and am having real issues with bubbles. I’ve never had a issue quite this bad in 8 years of lasering across multiple tubes. I’ve used this specific brand of tube before with no issues, in my experience a new tube will have some issues with more bubble forming while it ‘breaks in’ but usually clears after a few hours of use. This one however isn’t doing so.
I can clear the tube when starting up (with the exception of a few very small bubbles along the centre) however after an hour or so of use, loads of bubbles have formed along the surface.
My usual trick is a few drops of rinse aid in the water, but for some reason the internal layout of this tube just creates a load of foam that gets trapped if I try this.
Anyone got any other tricks that might help this?
I’m not using distilled water, but I haven’t done for 8 years and I’ve never had this issue before.
Pics attached of tube when cleared at startup and after an hour of use.

I would not worry about these micro-bubbles, over time they should disperse. Its where a large air bubble causes a hot spot in the tube to develop that real problems will arise.