Blacknose Laser no longer firing

Hi we have a Just Add Sharks Blacknose Laser and it was working perfectly until it was moved by someone this week and now it’s not turning the laser on any more.

How do we troubleshoot whether it’s the tube or the lid sensor or something else? I’ve tried looking at the control board lights but they seem normal though the red light on the laser board doesn’t turn on but I don’t know if it ever did before when operating. the L green light turns on.

all help and ideas appreciated.

also I don’t know which tube it came with to replace it as the one in there is unlabelled.


Hello @DollarStarNova

There is a video for this sort of diagnostics:

If you have moved the machine and you had to disconnect the water, it is very likely that you may have connected the water flow incorrectly. Depending on your setup, if you are using one of the CW3000 chillers, check the hoses as out must flow to in and in to out for the water flow or you may have a trapped air bubble or other similar problem.

You can try using a magnet on the lid switch as a test.

If you machine has an mA meter on it, do you see an amp reading when you try to fire the laser?