Adventures in Alignment

In this thread you are encouraged to write up, with pictures, your alignment adventures. By recording our discoveries, confusions, eureka moments and other general happenings around alignment we may be able to help the next person not go through such trauma.

Its not the topic for help on alignment, for that go here:

Went to look at a machine yesterday which had some interesting features for alignment.

The 3rd mirror on the moving head had these lug screws for locking the adjusters.

Mirrors 1 and 2 had these 8mm nuts locking down the adjusters.

Additionally this machine had no lid interlock and the PSU was difficult to remove as it was attached with screws and nuts, with the nuts on the inside, to a sheet of acrylic which was bolted inside the electronics cabinet. It was wired directly to the tube.

The overall build quality of the machine was poor.