Software error unable to export


I have come across an error out of no where after restarting my computer and had an error signature everytime i try to export, the modname would be mpc05ls.Dll. If i am required to uninstall may i know how to as i am unable to find it in the windows uninstaller


I’ve seen this error reported a lot just lately. I would recommend removing the program and reinstalling it and run the compatibility trouble shooter also (assuming you are using Windows10).
I don’t have access to a Windows machine right now, but I’m pretty sure you can find the program in add remove software, but it’s called something like MPC 6525 which is the name of the controller.

As mentioned, I’m going to look into resources for .DLL problems some more over the next few day, there are forum posts out there online that may (or may not) be very helpful.

Watch this space.