Just Shark 80w Laser cutter clearance and cheap


Just Shark 80watt laser cutter
open to offer as need to clear (offer accepted around £200)

Stored at boston lincolnshire
Need a new tube cost around £500 fitted
High per romance transformer fitted which is £500 on its own

Bought 2 1/2 years ago for £6000

Selling as have several new machine and no where to store this one

Can sell a cooler unit and software if needed


Have you got any pics mate



this is a new one mine is in a lock up and not as clean but the lens and mirrors all perfect and I can also WHO EVER HAS IT SEVERAL FREE HONEY COMB GRID S HAVE 2-3 KNOCKING AROIUND NEED CLEANING

Dom smoke and morrors can fir tube for around £500 but its a very easy job and u can get tubes for around £250

Only selling as have 7 other machine from a different company and need to have them all the same as easier to work on one type/ They rae very good I have 3 andthis one is the last one sold the others for £1500


I can sell the usb software dongle or a chiller (brand new) or a second hane refrigerator chiller as have loads in stock


So does it come with the chiller?


And what size is the bed?


at basic pric eno chiller as these are expensive but can sell a brand new chiller for £110 and the bed size of top of head is 900x600


What’s your number please mate so I can ring you


01205 750925 phone ddsggsg


These tubes from Smoke & Mirrors are £650 including VAT. As John says, you can source an appropriate tube from around £250, plus the import duty, fees and shipping cost, which from PRC tends to be around £200+. You may be able to find them for sale in the UK for around £500 to £600 plus the VAT and shipping. Tube is RECI W2 100W.